Leading Website Maintenance Plan for WordPress

Keeping your website up-to-date, safe and running smoothly can take up a lot of time. Let us do the work for you! Below we list all the features of our Leading Website Maintenance plan.

What’s included?

Monthly WordPress Updates

It’s essential to keep your WordPress version up to date to maintain security and to keep your website functioning correctly.

Daily Website Backups

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you have up-to-date daily backups in case you need to roll back your website.

Proactive Security Scanning

We set up a daily scan of your website to check for vulnerabilities, malware and other nasties. If detected we can quickly jump in and patch and update any software so there are no vulnerabilities.

Uptime Monitoring

We are alerted within minutes if your site goes offline. We’ll then work to identify the cause and get the website back online promptly. Ultimately we strive to have your website always available to customers.

Liaising With Your Hosting Company

Sometimes it can feel like your hosting company speaks a different language. We can assist with this and provide plain-english advice!

Site Speed Monitoring

Once a year we’ll check the speed of your website to make sure nothing has drastically changed causing it to slow down. You can also request for us to perform a scan if you feel something feels off.

Email Support

Questions? Feel free to send us an email.

Monthly Plugin Updates

Out-of-date plugins are a common cause of websites becoming vulnerable to hackers. We’ll keep your plugins up-to-date each month.

Off-site Backup Storage

We store your backup in a separate off-site datacenter for another layer of protection.

Security Response and Repair

In the extremely rare occurrence of a website becoming compromised, we can restore your website to a previous point and fix any vulnerabilities.

Access to our $1,000+ per year of Premium Plugin Licenses

To build a solid website, often premium plugins are needed. We have a bank of premium plugins, some real gems that make your website perform extra functionality which leads to an amazing customer experience. We pay for agency licenses on a yearly basis so you don’t have to.

Monthly Broken Link Checking

Broken links frustrate visitors and mess with your website ranking. Luckily, we have your back by performing broken link checks regularly so we can deal with any broken links issues and avoid any negative impacts on SEO, user experience or revenue.

Restore Assistance

We’ll assist in restoring your site from backup if required.

Training Videos

We can provide basic and sometimes custom short videos to show you the ropes.

Leading Website Maintenance Plan for WordPress

$39.95 per month or pay yearly and save 10%